About Us:

iMicron is delivering cloud for global enterprise . As a master cloud service provider, iMicron offers organizations access to a unique multi cloud global marketplace, expertise, solutions and enablement programs that empower organizations to configure, provision and manage cloud technologies. iMicron enables end-to-end transactions across platform agnostic infrastructure.

Our partnership with different iMicron business partners around the world helps optimize the cloud infrastructure and services and bring out the best solution available near you in a secured environment creating more opportunites for you to us in transforming your busienss.

Since launching its first cloud services nearly a decade ago, iMicron has become an essential partner and a trusted advisor to organizations supplying the resources so they can focus on their own business. Our vast portfolio deep expertise provide the opportunities you need to innovate.

  • A continuum of choices for infrastructure and services.
  • Open and secure design.
  • Flexibility & Scalability for each solution.

Marketplace Platform— iMicron Cloud is an ecosystem of buyers, sellers and solutions that enables organizations & partners to research, buy, sell, provision, configure and manage a wide range of cloud solutions from a single pane of glass.

On Boarding Processes— This is simplified so that it can ensure all the resources are provided to you as and when required with management and billing are provided to simplify your success in the cloud.

Global Reach— iMicron Cloud continually expands its cloud offerings into the company’s global footprint, offering organizations the solution they need to innovate in a quick and cost-effective manner.



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